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We strive to provide our consumers with a paint that will perfectly meet their needs in each and every situation. In order to meet your needs and budget we carry three paint ranges:



Premium Range Paints

Our Premium range paints are formulated and produced to meet only the highest standards, guaranteeing you excellent value for money. Our Premium paint range includes paints suitable for Interior walls, Exterior walls, Bathrooms walls, Ceilings and Roofs. 



Quality Range Paints

Medal Paints’ Quality Range is formulated to give you the best value for money! Our Mid-range paints are formulated to meet the highest quality standards. These paints are suited for Silky smooth paint finishes, durability, Interior & Exterior walls, Brick surfaces, Sports Fields, Wooden Floors, Ceilings, Stoeps, Metal Surfaces and more

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Economy Range Paints

We offer a cost effective Economy range paints that come in a wide variety of colours and is suited for quick DYI Interior and Exterior paint jobs. None of our paints are toxic which makes the Economy range ideal for children to use on school projects.

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Waterproofing Range Paints

Medal Paints offers the best range of Waterproofing products for your home or business. Our Waterproofing range includes Damp stop, Membranes, Evercure EM 22, Everbond and more.



Industrial Range Paints

Our Industrial Paint range has been formulated to meet your needs and only provide the highest quality finishes and durability for complete customer satisfaction. Our Industrial Paints are best suited for Exterior & Industrial use on metal surfaces and concrete surfaces where only a strong finish and a good value for money will suffice.



Professional Trade Range Paints

Need quality at the best prices? Medal Paints’ Professional Trade Range has everything you need at the best prices. Contact us for more info on our Professional Trade Range Products.

Professional Trade Range Products

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Primers and Undercoat

Before you can think of applying a paint to a new or old surface you need to apply a Primer or an undercoat to get the most bang for your buck and longest lasting protection. We have a wide range of undercoats and primers suited for concrete (new and old) surfaces, metal/steel surfaces and wooden surfaces.